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Le Malzieu-Ville and its surroundings

On the way to Santiago de Compostela, in the heart of the Lozère

In the heart of the Margeride and the verdant Truyère valley, in the former country of Gévaudan, Le Malzieu-Ville, classified as one of "the most beautiful villages in France" offers a stopover of choice for fans of history and nature.

By staying at the Hôtel des Voyageurs in Le Malzieu, you are in the heart of a picturesque medieval 13th century town, which has preserved numerous testimonies of its past as a former stronghold of the Gévaudan with its ramparts, its towers, its fortified gates and old houses. From the Tour de Bodon you will appreciate a superb panorama over the roofs of the town and the vast expanses of the Margeride, made up of meadows, forests and white water. 

Step on the road to Santiago de Compostela, we are in the Lozère, a paradise for fans of unspoiled nature and calm. In the heart of the Massif Central, the Lozère is home to magnificent and varied landscapes that will delight hikers. Punctuated with pretty villages and hamlets, the Aubrac, the Margeride, the Gorges du Tarn and the Jonte, the Causses and the Cévennes, are all great wild and authentic spaces that the Lozère offers.

Do not hesitate to ask our team, or to go to our Tourist Office: Office in Margeride en Gévaudan, to help you discover our magnificent region.

The Margeride

Medium mountain with rounded reliefs, extends its landscapes of meadows, torrential streams, and deep forests. Oval or round blocks of granite, polished by time, are placed on this immensity, like strange herds. It is the land of silences, a haven of peace in nature punctuated with greenery, beautiful forests and running waters.


The Lozere

A journey from the land of basalt, to the land of shale, passing through the land of limestone and granite, a territory of four landscapes. Totally preserved and shaped by the human presence, this nature will charm you with the biological diversity whose rarity and fragility are contrasted. Safeguarding these environments and the animal and plant species that live there is a major challenge shared by all.



Huge high altitude meadow, feeds on rivers and lakes. In this country of the cheese makers’ huts, the pastures surrounded by low stone walls punctuate a landscape with gentle shapes and exceptional light. It is a land of traditions on which men perpetuate an art of living made-up of warmth and conviviality, a gourmet land where the Aubrac cow is raised, whose milk is used to make tomme, the basic ingredient of the famous Aligot.


The Tarn Gorges

From La Jonte, Grands Causses and Lot Valley. The Tarn and Jonte Gorges cut deep into the Grand Causses of Sauveterre and Méjean to form a grandiose natural ensemble which enjoys international notoriety, and further north, the Lot Valley, close to its source, separates the Causse of Sauveterre, the Aubrac and the Margeride. The places have kept the many traces of a rich and prestigious past. The originality of the Caussenarde architecture, the surprising rocks sculpted like villages in ruins and these immense lands of herds of sheep, are a serene invitation for lovers of hiking and the great outdoors.


The Cévennes and Mont Lozère

To the South of the Lozère, the Cévennes, protected by the National Park, stand facing the Languedoc plain and the Mediterranean. A maze of deep valleys, through which meander the streams with crystal clear waters, the Cévennes are covered by the traditional chestnut grove, to which over the past centuries mulberry trees were joined for the breeding of the silkworm. A “rebellious” country with traditions, the Cévennes are discovered a little more at each bend of a winding road or a path where it is so pleasant to stroll.

Office de Tourisme de l'Aubrac aux Gorges du Tarn - une destination en tous points sublime !